Poster Designs
Five posters outline the design thinking process, pairing each step with visual representations in watercolor. The sixth poster provides an easy resource for educators to incorporate design thinking into their lessons. Top row from left: Empathize, Define, Ideate. Bottom row from left: Prototype, Test, Design Thinking.
Student Artwork Column
The column displays artwork from All Saints Episcopal School’s Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth grade art classes created with the Arthought empathize activity. Their work is based on characters from books ­– The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, Because of Mr. Terupt, and The Giver.
Empathize Activity Booklet
The booklet provides instructions to the empathize activity. 
Color Wheel Container
The color wheel container allows for easy understanding of the color wheel and color theory concepts, using various arrow spinners, and organized compartments for art supplies. Pictured top right are business cards.
Arthought Logo Design
Mind Garden
Senior Thesis Exhibit 2017

Lamar University Department of Art presents the Spring 2017 Senior Thesis exhibition by B.F.A students Jade Freedman, Jessie Hawthorne, Erika Leggett, Kimberly Lowell, Marisol Lua-Figueroa, Imani Owens, Victoria Robicheaux, and Lacey Wolgast.
The disciplines exhibited are Graphic Design, Photography, Painting, and Sculpture. Each artist has explored and presented a unique perspective within their thesis.
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